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Download ATF Box Setup Latest Version 12.70 with USB Driver for Windows

You are going to download the latest and updated version of ATF box tool on your windows device,Download and install right now the latest updated version of atf box on your windows device and then start to flashing Nokia phones via connecting with your pc,

What is ATF Box Software:
ATF box is also a software that help to all nokia phone users to flash their phones and supporting all kind of nokia phones and ,Atf box is allowing you to flash your any kind of nokia phones ,Atf box is working via windows device so it has to download first of all in windows device and then it make you eligible to flash your nokia phone via connecting the phone with pc,So now first of all visit bellow downloading link and download atf box on your windows device and then make yourself eligible to flash your any kind of nokia phones,ATF Box is supporting various of windows device by which you can work on your nokia phones like windows xp,vista,7,8,8.1,10 and also supporting both 32-bit and 64-bit,Through the atf box is can solve so many software issues of any nokia phones  like,Nokia Nokia 3,Nokia 4,Nokia 5,Nokia 6,Nokia 7,Nokia 8,Nokia 3310,Nokia 105,Nokia 130,Nokia E66,Nokia 73,Nokia E75,Nokia E5-00,Nokia E7,Nokia E90,Nokia N70,71,72,73,74,75,76,77,78,79,8,80,81,82,83,84,85,86,87,88,90,91,92,93,94,95.96.96.Nokia X1-00.Nokia X1-01,Nokia X2-00,Nokia X2-01,Nokia X2-02,Nokia X3-00,X3-02,X5-00,X5-01,X6-00,X700,Nokia 500,600,603,700,701,800,Nokia Asha 200,201,202,203,305,210,300,302,303,305,306,308,309,310,311,230,500,501,502,503,Nokia Lumia 505,510,520,525,530,610,620,625,630,635,636,638,710,720,730,735,800810,820,822,830,900,920,925,28,30,1020,1320,1520,2520,Nokia X,X+XL,X2,XL 4G,Nokia 100,101,105,106,107,108,109,110,111,112,113,114,130,150,2016,207,2018,215,216,220,222,225,230,301,315, and many more like this nokia models are supported for flashing by atf box,Now you can download atf box for flashing above mention any of nokia phone or for many more other models,
Download ATF Box Setup

How to flash with atf box:
Now first of all download and install the latest versions of atf box and its usb driver on your windows device and then open atf box in your desktop with click on atf box,And now after opening the file atf box then find the RM of your nokia phone,now find the flash file and now when you able to find then cut all url and leave only RM,and now keep it up  this Em in new folder,Now go setting in atf box and go to product path to scan and right click on empty box and click on add product path and now you will reach in your desktop and now add that file which you keep in new folder and now click on flash file and then click ok and now again restart the atf box and now select the model and click on phoenix and now it will take automatic files,Now click on usb mode and now click Buss check and then it will show percentage and now connect your phone with usb data cable and press on off button and now it will take driver and show your driver in desktop and now click on check and click also in factory reset,Factory reset will help you to unlock your security code,now remove your phone battery now again put the battery and now it will flash by this way,Now you will be able to flash your any of nokia phone with atf box,

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How to download ATF box:
First of all visit below downloading link and click on downloading link and then it will take  5 second for starting downloading and now it will going to complete downloading,Now after complete download it install it on your windows and now go to on your windows and take it on your desktop and now go again on windows and copy Advance turbo loader and then paste it on the file location of atf box,now go to again in your C format and copy the fill Dll and go to C program and copy in system 32-bit and again copy DLL and past in file location on atb box,Now install also driver of atf box in your windows,

Downloading links are below

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