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PHEM: Palm Hardware Emulator Free Download

PHEM: Palm Hardware Emulator Free Download

Palm Hardware Emulator

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This app is compatible with all of your devices


                You are downloading about to the palm Hardware Emulator Tool on your android device,Download right now it on your android and and Emulates the Hardware of Many more different models of Palm PDAs,This tool spots up to Palm OS 4.2 and make run thousands of Palm applications,games and hacks,
PHEM: Palm Hardware Emulator Free Download
 Palm Hardware Emulator requires software in the form of a palm OS ROM image to run like other hardware Emulators,

  1.      Using your phone storage as a virtual expansion card,
  1. Using your phones  network connection "WiFi or cellular"including network Hot Sync.
  1. Pasting and cutting text between the emulated palm and your phone,
  1. Keyboard and Hardware if present on your phone,
  1. Most Palm Hacks,
  1. Vibration and sound,
  1. pass GPS information to the emulated Palm,only when explicitly activated by the user.
Additional Information
  • Updated: 9 Oct 2016
  • Category: Free Tool
  • Requires Android 2.2 and Up 
  • Version: 1.43a  
  • Publish Date: 25 Oct 2016
For downloading go to bellow mentions download links and get complete download,you can get this file by different way here bellow,

Download PHEM by here mention download link,  Download

or Direct install from Google Play

or Direct Upload from YouTube

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