Thursday, 6 July 2017

DroidSQLi Latest Version 2.0 Android App 2017 Free Download

File information:

File name:     DroidSQLi
Version:        2.0
File size:      0.86MB
Required:    Android 3.2
Target :      Android  4.2  ,  4.2.2
Version update:    14 April 2017

Here you are going to download the latest and updated version of DroidSQLi 2.0 on your android phone,This version is released in 2017 for your bitterness,So right now download DroidSQLi on your android phone and then start to hacking websites in easy manner,

 What is DroidSQLi
DroidSQLi is android app that help you to hacking other websites,DroidSQLi is a automatic Injection app that hacks websites,Here DroidSQLi allow you to launch SQL Injection attacks on a target URL,It is for android phones you must have to download it on your android phone and then from your android you can apply this app for hacking websites,Here you don't have to do many more just you have to download it on on your android and then follow few tips on it then it is doing work automatically,Here DroidSQLi's latest version supporting you to hack websites in easy manner and faster then previous version,Here you don't have to get any more technical knowledge for this app because it is doing work automatically and it is fully automatic app,DroidSQLi is supporting to hack various of websites,

DroidSQLi Android App 2017  V2.0  Free Download

DroidSQLi is inject in various based like 
  • Blind Injection
  • Time Based Injection
  • Normal Injection
  • error based injection
DroidSQLi is a hacking app that help people to hack website and around 75% websites hacked by DroidSQLi,SO download right now this hacking tool latest version released version 2.0 by bellow mention download link and also you will be provide the previous version for downloading in the end of this article so if you don't have DroidSQLi still in your android phone then download the latest version 2.0 and if you have DroidSQLi 1.0 app on your android phone then you must download or update the latest version of DroidSQLi by bellow mention downloading link,

DroidSQLi Features,
  • Fully automatic hacking app:  DroidSQLi is android hacking app that is fully automatic hacking app,That help you to hacking websites automatically,It is doing work itself after clicking on it and running,
  • Easy to get:  DroidSQLi too easy to get in android phone because its file size is just 0.86 MB so it can be download with in few seconds in fast internet and with in few minutes in slow net,
  • Injection Tool: DroidSQLi is fully injection based tool that inject the URLs in various based like,Blind Injection,Blind based injection,Normal Injection,and error based injection,
  • It must can Three(3) things:  1: SQL Vulnerable site  2: DroidSQLi Tool, 3 : Android Mobile,These three things help any body to hacking websites,
  • DroidSQLi is first automated android app that hacking websites automatically,
  • Price:  DroidSQLi is 100% free for downloading there is no any charges for getting DroidSQLi so it can download easy and free,
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Now for downloading DroidSQLi on your android phone visit bellow mention download links where you will find the downloading links of version 1.0 and latest version 1.2,Now its your choice that which version you want to download on your android phone,So now click on download link that you will choice,After clicking on download link it will take few seconds for starting downloading,Now after complete downloading install it on your android phone and then start to hacking websites easy and fast in easy manner,

So now visit bellow links and click on download links for free and fast

Download DroidSQLi 2.0 

  Download or Download 1.0 from here

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